A robust  decoding and reporting system for  WSPR and FST4W

WsprDaemon is a robust application for Linux systems that:

    Decodes Weak Signal Propagation Reporter (WSPR) signals  (Franke/Taylor wsprd* program)

    V3.0 also simultaneously decodes the family of FST4W transmissions from -120 to -1800

    Operates with networked KiwiSDRs for multi-channel spot acquisition (at least 8 channels)

    Includes baseband audio input option

    Provides a complete, robust and reliable reporting function to the database

    Estimates noise using RMS and FFT methods at same time and frequencies as WSPR spots

    Reports spots and noise to a Timescale database with Grafana visualisation interface

    Serves data to 3rd party apps including  and WSPR Watch

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This site also hosts Noise Graphs from several WsprDaemon users.

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Revised: 15 June  2024

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* wsprd is used within WsprDaemon under the GNU Public Licence  the Terms and Conditions of which can be downloaded here.

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